About Us

If you need to get something done in New Orleans, chances are that it can be done by one of the members of the Greater New Orleans Executives Association (GNOEA).

GNOEA is an association of firms and companies that do business in the greater New Orleans area, one in each of the categories described on this website. In our Association, each firm or company is represented by an owner or a top local executive.

GNOEA is an organization that had its beginning in early 1971.  It is a part of the “Executives’ Association Movement,” where similar Associations, performing similar functions, exist internationally in English speaking countries on four continents in more than 70 cities.  It is an organization of leading businesses in the Metropolitan New Orleans Area, each business represented by one of its top executives.

GNOEA members are screened upon initial application and must meet yearly requirements in order to renew membership annually.

Members attend weekly meetings that provide information on a wide array of topics, all designed to assist the members in providing more economical and efficient goods and services for their clients and customers. At these meetings, business acumen, ethical standards, enthusiasm, participation, and respect all combine to create an Association of members who are the leaders in their respective fields.