Chip Kline, Chairman – The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Board and Director of Coastal Activities for Louisiana

GNOEA met via Zoom on Tuesday January 19, 2021 for organization updates and to hear from Chip Kline, Chairman of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. Chip Kline has served as Chairman of the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) Board and the Director of Coastal Activities for the State of Louisiana since 2018. Kline oversees policy initiatives related to Louisiana’s coastal program and manages the day-to-day operations of the Governor’s Office of Coastal Activities. Chip Kline Bio 2020

Kline explained the importance of protecting our coast which impacts where we live, our wetlands, jobs in the oil and gas industry, and Louisiana Ports, the largest port complex in the world. He further added that the factors of land loss are subsidence, the rise in sea level, hurricanes, oil and gas infrastructure, levees and oil spills and that coastal deterioration can’t be stopped but can protect the majority of coastal residents. It is projected that these restoration projects will help to build more land versus losing land over the next four years. Kline announced that the Governor has also started a climate change task force to address causes of sea level changes in the Gulf of Mexico, i.e. carbon emissions, etc.

Kline shared the five master plan objectives on flood protection, natural processes, coastal habitats, cultural heritage, which is updated every six years.  He encouraged all to visit the website for information on doing business with CPRA. CPRA’s leadership team is available and will provide an overview to anyone who would like to connect with the organization.

Following the CPRA presentation was a segment on:

Payroll Protection Plan (PPP2) and Employee Retention Credits Update and How to Maximize Your Dollars

Philip Rebowe, CPA Posthlewaite & Netterville, Justin Farrae, Crescent Payroll and John Zollinger, Head of Commercial Banking at Home Bank

GNOEA members, Philip Rebowe, John Zollinger and Justin Farrae provided guidance on how to apply for the second COVID-19 stimulus package and how to take advantage of tax credits being offered. Powerpoint presentations can be viewed in the meeting archives.

Recording and presentation will be in meeting archives

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Brien introduced guest Paige Henderson, Owner/Photographer of Bellus, a photography boutique. Paige provided a brief overview of her photography services located in Mandeville.

John Zollinger thanked Kevin Paulk for his Go Mini Portable Storage. Appreciate his attention to detail.

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