Attendance: 42
July 26, 2011


Our program for today was a business presentation by Michael Fredrick, owner/senior web designer with Point2Point Innovations and Blaine Brown, Project Manager, point2point Innoviations. Michael has eleven years experience in the field of web design. point2point provides quality Web site design, development, e-mail & Web hosting, and domain name services to clients around the globe.

Michael’s presentation showed our members how to use Google Apps, which is a Web based e-mail, calendar, and document management system. Many companies and organizations use Google Apps as their e-mail solution because of the large storage space, spam protection and ability to login from anywhere with a Internet connection.

He also should us WordPress which is a popular Content Management Systems (CMS) that allows web site administrator, from the secretary that answers the phone to the top level executive, to easily add and edit text, images and video on their Web site.

We wish to thank Michael for very informative programs.



President, Bill Ello announced his new committee chairman for his term from July 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011.

They are as follows:

Attendance – Farrell Latour
Classification – Robert Ramsey
Grievance – Edward McCloskey
Orientation – Stanton Murray
Leads – Michael Fredrick
Membership – Craig Clement
Program – Joe DiMaggio
Budget & Finance – Philip Rebowe
Executive of the Year – Alexis Hocevar
House – Marc Beerman
Special Events/Visitation – Alexis Hocevar
Re-Qualification – Joe Cummins



If you know of someone who is the owner, principal, or upper management (national companies only) of one or more of these Open Classifications, please give that name to the Membership Committee or invite them to a Tuesday morning breakfast. If you invite them to a breakfast meeting, please give the name and other information to either the President or Susan prior meeting.

Below please find a list of open classifications:

Air Conditioning                                    Hospital
Aircraft Sales & Service                       Hotel
Appliance Sales and Service             Interior Designer
Audiologist & Hearing                         Janitorial/Cleaning Service
Chiropractor                                            Lawn Maintenance
Coffee Shop/Service                             Locksmith
Bed & Breakfast                                        Medical Facility
Commercial Window Treatment       Men’s Clothing
Country Club / Golf Course                 Newspaper
Courier Service                                        Physical Therapy
Direct Mail Advertising                        Plastic Surgeon
Drug Store                                                  Podiatry
Dry Cleaners                                              Property Management
Entertainment                                          Psychologist
Equipment – Rental                               Real Estate – Commercial
Exporter/Freight Forwarding           Restaurant
Fences                                                          Retail Copies



August 2, 2011 Buddy Stall – Beautiful, Historic & Unique Metairie Cemetery Presentation
August 9, 2011 No Breakfast Meeting – Rose Garden will be closed.