Amy Glovinsky, President and CEO – Bureau of Government Research

GNOEA met via Zoom on Tuesday November 3, 2020 for organization updates and to learn more about the Bureau of Government Research (BGR) with guest speaker Amy Glovinsky, President and CEO for the BGR.

Amy became President & CEO of BGR in early 2016. She began her professional career at Jones Walker, LLP, where she was a commercial litigation partner. In 2006, she entered the public policy arena as an adviser to business and community leaders on best practice government reform. She received BA and JD degrees from Louisiana State University with multiple distinctions.

The Bureau of Governmental Research (BGR) is a private, nonprofit, independent research organization dedicated to informed public policy making and the effective use of public resources for the improvement of government in the New Orleans metropolitan area. They are an objective voice on local public policies and produces an average of 8 – 12 reports annually. Their research focus is on infrastructure, general administration and infrastructure, essential services and core systems, government finance and public involvement. Example: a report on breaking down the $1.25 billion in Orleans parish tax revenue and the reinstated hotel tax with $12.3 million dedicated annually to infrastructure. BGR’s criteria for prioritizing research topics is based on time sensitivity/need, “white space” for BGR, and citizen’s impact. Her presentation included reports that are in progress to deliver Q1 2021 and future topics to explore.

Their PolicyWatch newsletter is published periodically to address current public policy issues. For more information on BGR or to be added to their mailing list for the PolicyWatch publication visit

Recording and presentation will be in meeting archives

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Bylaw Amendments

An email will be sent to members listing two bylaw amendments that were approved by the board and now must go before the membership for approval: 1) an inclusion statement recommended by IEA and reviewed by GNOEA’s Labor Attorney Tim Scott; 2) and to remove the executive directors role as check signer on the account since not a GNOEA employee. There will be an open discussion period prior to the November 10th board meeting (immediately following the general meeting) and a voting ballot will be sent by email today.

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November 10 – William “Bill” Doran, FEMA Retired Officer,  Amendment Discussion, Board Meeting
November 17 – Stephen Watson, President and CEO, WWII Museum

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