Dr. David Mushatt, Associate Professor of Medicine & Section Chief – Tulane School of Medicine

GNOEA met via Zoom on Tuesday February 23, 2021 for organization updates and to learn about the COVID-19 virus and how the vaccine works. Guest speaker, Dr. David Mushatt, Associate Professor of Medicine and Section Chief of  Tulane School of Medicine educated members on epidemiology, explained how the vaccine works and its side effects. He shared statistics on the global situation, Louisiana and the U.S.  noting that we are on the path to herd immunity expected by this summer. A COVID forecast provides predictions four weeks out.

Dr. Mushatt further explained that the vaccine’s accelerated development is monitored frequently for safety and that multiple options are needed because the demand is more than what one company can supply.  He explained the science behind the vaccine and the difference between Moderna and Pfizer. The efficacy rate is 94.1% for Moderna and 95% for Pfizer after the second dose and both vaccines work well for all ages and ethnic groups.  The top three side effects: injection side effects, i.e., muscle pain/soreness, fatigue, headache. He recommended calling 3-1-1 or visiting  ready.nola.gov/getvaccine to register for the Citywide Vaccine Waitlist. He encouraged all to continue  wearing a mask and to practice social distancing until health care officials advise otherwise.

More about the speaker: Dr. Mushatt received his medical degree in 1986 from Harvard Medical School. He completed his internal medicine residency training from 1986 – 1989 at the Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and then did an Infectious Diseases Fellowship at Tulane University School of Medicine from 1989 – 1991. During the second year of his ID fellowship, he also earned an MPH in Tropical Medicine (MPH&TM) at the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

He is currently Chief of the Adult Infectious Diseases Section at the Tulane School of Medicine.

Recording and presentation will be in meeting archives

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Julie Couret announced – John Benton, Bayou Tree Service is now semi-retired. He expressed his great run with the organization and most importantly the close relationships developed with members which have turned into true friendships. He sends his best!

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Kevin Pedeaux, Coastal Roast thanked Julie Couret, 7602 Business Performance, for purchasing gift baskets for her clients.

Jaquie Bonano, JB Communications, thanked Kenny Knobloch, HELP! Air Conditioning and Heating, for installing a UV lit on her A/C system to prevent allergens and viruses in the home.

Julie Couret, 7602 Business Performance, also thanked Paul Cosma, Uptown Auto Specialist, for providing vehicle maintenance on her car. She also thanked Marcus Azzarello, Franklynn Pest Control Co., Inc. for providing ongoing pest control.

Julie Couret also announced the expansion of her company’s services to include leading a group of CEO’s on coaching.

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