FLEX: A Leader’s Guide to Staying Nimble and Mastering Transformative Change in the American Workplace

Rick Grimaldi, Attorney for Fisher Phillips and Author

GNOEA met via Zoom on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 for organization updates and to hear how businesses are reacting to changes in an ever changing economy.  Rick Grimaldi, Attorney for Fisher Phillips and Author of the recently released his book: FLEX: A Leader’s Guide to Staying Nimble and Mastering Transformative Change in the American Workplace.

Grimaldi’s book shines a light on changes in the way we work today. With the exception of the hospitality and manufacturing industries, the work environment will likely be a hybrid of those working virtually from home in addition to traditional office space.  Businesses must consider re-tooling for the next generation workforce who is comfortable with inclusion, diversity at the top and a work-life integration and less of a traditional nine to five job. He refers to a “gig economy” when one will go from job to job instead of a thirty year commitment.  Creative alternatives to education with less expensive options will also be needed for the future workforce.

How well will you FLEX in the face of change?

Rick’s book referenced above, can be purchased in hard copy and digital format at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Books A Million, Target and Google Play.

More about the speaker: Rick Grimaldi, is an an Attorney for Fisher Phillips in Philadelphia, PA and member of the firm’s COVID-19 Taskforce, a cross-disciplinary team of attorneys dedicated to advising employers on the many workplace law aspects of the global coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, Rick is a member of the firm’s SBA Loan Team, dedicated to advising employers on the inner workings of the complex CARES Act loan process during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Read more.

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Cynthia Widlitze introduced Valerie Legras Atelier, a French interior designer for commercial and residential projects. This was Valerie’s third meeting.

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Lola Lass, Adeeta Corporate Staffing thanked Carl Bourgeois, Al Bourgeois Plumbing ad UDI for their business.

Kevin Nolan, Kwik Service Electric, announced that he will be a first time grandfather!

Tim Scott, introduced guest Grace Mallory, Tulane Law graduate at Fisher Phillips.

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