Attendance: 33


July 17, 2012



Today President-Elect Stanton Murray, Murray Yacht Sales led a Round Table Discussion on a review of programs from over the last six months and a guide to the next six months. Each table was asked to discuss what they liked about the programs from the past, what they would like to see in future programs and what they would not like to see again.

Here is a list of some of the best programs or speakers reported; Tim Ryan, Bill Haensel, Ron Blitch, Peter Ricchiuti, and Philip Rebowe. Some of the least favorable programs were politicians, “Tails of the Cocktail” and plastic surgeons.

Here is a list of suggested programs; Fraud Protection, more politicians without agendas, Obama care, Convention Center, Port of New Orleans, any Economist, Business Succession Planning after the Bush Tax is revoked, Infrastructure Plan for New Orleans and the state.

President, Robert Ramsey discussed some new recruiting strategies that he would like to implement. The association would focus each week or month on one or two open classification. He took suggestions from members on prospects for A/C & Heating and they were; Help Air Conditioning & Heating, Clement Heating & Air Conditioning and Pontchartrain Mechanical.



I am currently reviewing the roster for reprinting. Please look over an old roster to see if your listing is correct and if you have any changes, please call me or email me with the correction.



 It was with regret that we accepted the resignation of Joe Cummins, Joe A. Cummins Advertising Specialties. The classification of “Advertising Specialties” is now open.



Today we had an induction for Timothy Scott, Fisher & Phillips. Dual Member, Michael Mitchel also with Fisher & Phillips introduced Tim as a new member and gave him a GNOEA Pin, Framed Membership Certificate and a GNOEA binder.

We wish to welcome Tim into our association and please let us all take a few minutes either before or after the meeting to get to know him.



 If you know of someone who is the owner, principal, or upper management (national companies only) of one or more of these Open Classifications, please give that name to the Membership Committee or invite them to a Tuesday morning breakfast. If you invite them to a breakfast meeting, please give the name and other information to either the President or Susan prior meeting.

Below please find a list of open classifications:

Advertising Specialists                                  Air Conditioning

Aircraft Sales & Service                                Appliance Sales and Service

Audiologist & Hearing                                  Automobile Dealership

Chiropractor                                                    Coffee Shop/Service

Commercial Window Treatment              Country Club / Golf Course

Courier Service                                               Dentist, General

Direct Mail Advertising                                Drug Store

Dry Cleaners                                                      Entertainment

Equipment – Rental                                        Flooring

Furniture Store                                                 Glass Company

Hotel                                                                      Interior Designer

Internet Search Engine Optimization      Janitorial/Cleaning Service

Medical Facility                                                Ophthalmologist

Optometrist                                                        Painting, Residential / Light Commercial

PEO/Workman’s Compensation                Physical Therapy

Plastic Surgeon                                                 Podiatry

Pool                                                                       Property Management

Psychologist                                                      Real Estate – Commercial

Sign & Banner                                                    Sporting Goods

Supermarket Retail                                         Wine & Liquors



July 24, 2012                                       Held at the Rose Garden of Jefferson

July 31, 2012                                       No Breakfast Meeting

August 7, 2012                                    No Breakfast Meeting – Rose Garden Holiday