Attendance:  32


July 24, 2012


President-Elect, Stanton Murray led the program by explaining what changes he has planned for upcoming programs.  Some of the programs that he has planned is Philip Rebowe on what is the outlook for next year’s taxes, Charles Rice CEO of Entergy, and Louis Capo with the Levee District.

Lola Lass, ADEETA Corporate Staffing explained that her business is a direct hire placement, temporary placement or temporary to hire placement in mostly administrators and accounting positions.  Lola stated that her business has been steady over the past year, but the industry is up.  She explained that a good lead for her would be companies hiring staffs that have recently moved in from out of the area or a brand new business. 

John Benton, Bayou Tree Service is in the business of planting, preserving, lighting, protecting and pruning trees.  His business can offer you advice on any tree issue or concern.  His ideal client would be large, but he can do small projects.  His business is currently up and one of the take-home advices he has is that he hired an extra person to sit on a computer to search for leads all day and it has paid off.  The extra person has paid for himself with work.

Brain Sublette, Daly-Sublette Landscape Architects informed us of the many areas of landscape design his business offers which is site planning, planting, design, swimming pools, fountains, garden architecture, arbors/pergolas, irrigation/drainage systems and  lighting.  He builds have gone from small backyard projects to bigger resort like builds.  He stated that he is looking for appreciative clients and clients that pay their bills.  He explained that this year has been very hectic and very similar to post Katrina.

The leadership of GNOEA would like to thank Lola Lass, John Benton and Brian Sublette for their programs.



GNOEA has begun a new recruitment program which entails searching for a particular open classification each week.  We ask members to focus on one open classification with members giving a company and point of contact.  Bryon Hatrel, Membership Committee Chairman will compose a letter that will be sent out to that prospect with signatures from those members that proposed him.  A follow-up phone call will be made by one of the members that proposed the prospect.  This past week we are seeking an Air Conditioning & Heating and Automotive Dealer.

If you know of someone in these open classifications, please contact Bryon Hatrel at 504-456-9654.  Please make sure that you have the person’s full name, company name and phone numbers for the prospect.



If you know of someone who is the owner, principal, or upper management (national companies only) of one or more of these Open Classifications, please give that name to the Membership Committee or invite them to a Tuesday morning breakfast.  If you invite them to a breakfast meeting, please give the name and other information to either the President or Susan prior meeting. 

Below please find a list of open classifications:

Advertising Specialists

Air Conditioning

Aircraft Sales & Service

Appliance Sales and Service

Audiologist & Hearing

Automobile Dealership


Coffee Shop/Service

Commercial Window Treatment

Country Club / Golf Course                          

Courier Service                                          

General Dentist

Direct Mail Advertising                                

Drug Store                                                    

Dry Cleaners                                                 


Equipment – Rental                                       


Furniture Store                                               

Glass Company     


Interior Designer       

Internet Search Engine Optimization            

Janitorial/Cleaning Service     

Medical Facility  



Painting, Residential / Light Commercial

PEO/Workman’s Compensation

Physical Therapy

Plastic Surgeon



Property Management    


Real Estate – Commercial  

Sign & Banner   

Sporting Goods   

Supermarket Retail 

Wine & Liquors




July 31, 2012                  No Breakfast Meeting

August 7, 2012              No Breakfast Meeting – Rose Garden Holiday

August 21, 2012            Philip Rebowe, Carr, Riggs & Ingram

                                              Held at the Rose Garden of Jefferson

August 28, 2012            Louis Capo – Orleans Levee District

                                               Held at the Rose Garden of Jefferson

September 4, 2012       No Breakfast Meeting – Labor Day Holiday

September 11, 2012    Charles Rice, Director of Regulatory Affairs – Entergy New Orleans

                                             Held at the Rose Garden of Jefferson

October 2, 2012            No Breakfast Meeting


Thank you,

Susan Busby