Attendance:  41


October 9, 2012



Today we were pleased to have as our guests, Robert Weinmann with Veterans Ford, guest of Charles Eshleman, Stoney Ware with ApyxxTechnologies, Inc., guest of Joe Azzarello, David Bourgeois with MY IT, guest of Allan Bissinger and Todd Clower with Harbor Towing & Fleeting, Inc., guest of Rudy Smith.



Today we had the pleasure of having as our guest speaker Mr. Louis J. Capo, Director of Real Estate, Recreational & Non-Flood Assets and Sharon Martini, both with the Orleans Levee District. 

The Orleans Levee District (the District) was established by Act 93 of the 1890 General Assembly (Legislature) of the State of Louisiana. The District is primarily responsible for the operation and maintenance of levees, embankments, seawalls, jetties, breakwaters, water basins, and other hurricane and flood protection improvements surrounding the City of New Orleans, including the southern shores of Lake Pontchartrain and along the Mississippi River. The District is responsible for the maintenance of 104.8 miles of levees and floodwalls, 200 floodgates, 103 flood valves, and two flood control structures.

Mr. Capo showed us a Power Point Presentation on the many projects both with the Flood Division and Non-Flood Division that have been ongoing since Hurricane Katrina. 

We wish to thank Mr. Capo and his associate Sharon Martini for a very informative program.



As most of you know, some of our members have been trying to join a GNOEA Business Group for some time, but have been unsuccessful due to the fact that most of the Business Groups are content with their current membership.  Robbie Ventura has graciously agreed to help organize a new Business Group with the help of Michael Mitchell and Robert Ramsey acting as mentors for the group.   Here are some of the members that have already signed up to join this business group; Robbie Ventura, Stanton Murray, Kevin Alker, Bryon Hatrel, and Charlie Eshleman.

If you would like to find our more information about joining a Business Group or would like to join one, then please email me at



Recently, GNOEA has gained a new member into our association, Dr. Troy Patterson with Oak Family Dental and his Classification is “Dentist, General”. 

Please, let us all take a few minutes to welcome him!



New rosters were handed out and put on each of the table at yesterday’s breakfast meeting.  These new rosters are now in Word format and can be easily printed on legal size paper.  If you would like to receive a copy of the roster by email for your own files, then please send your requests to me by email. 



GNOEA is currently working on filling some of our open classification.  We will be concentrating on two open classifications each month and would like for you to think about who you know in these fields that would be a good fit for us.  Please be prepared with their name & company name at a breakfast meeting.

This month we would like to fill the open classification of Computer Network Consultant and Chiropractor.

Also, we currently have the following prospective members going through the membership process.


Todd Clower                                              Proposer: Rudy Smith

Harbor Towing & Fleeting, Inc.         Classification: Marine Towing & Fleeting

Metairie, LA  70002            


Robert Weinmann                                      Proposer:  Charlie Eshleman & John Benton

Veterans Ford                                              Classification: Automotive Sales & Service

Metairie, LA 70002 


Stoney Ware                                                Proposer:  Joe Azzarello

Apyxx Technologies, Inc.                    Classification: Document Imaging Software &

Metairie, LA 70001                                    Conversion Services


David Bourgeois                               Proposer:  Allan Bissinger

MY IT                                                    Classification:  IT Consulting

Metairie, La. 70003



The Board of Directors will meet on Tuesday, October 23, 2012, immediately following the breakfast meeting at the Ralph’s on the Park.  All Board Members and Committee Chairman should attend.  All members are welcome.



October 23, 2012     Held at Ralph’s on the Park



If you know of someone who is the owner, principal, or upper management (national companies only) of one or more of these Open Classifications, please give that name to the Membership Committee or invite them to a Tuesday morning breakfast.  If you invite them to a breakfast meeting, please give the name and other information to either the President or Susan prior meeting. 

Below please find a list of open classifications: 

Advertising Specialists

Air Conditioning

Aircraft Sales & Service

Appliance Sales and Service

Audiologist & Hearing

Automobile Dealership


Coffee Shop/Service

Commercial Window Treatment

Country Club / Golf Course                          

Courier Service                                          

Direct Mail Advertising                                 

Drug Store                                                   

Dry Cleaners                                                 


Equipment – Rental                                       


Furniture Store                                               

Glass Company     


Interior Designer       

Internet Search Engine Optimization            

Janitorial/Cleaning Service     

Medical Facility  

Computer Network Consultant



Painting, Residential / Light Commercial

PEO/Workman’s Compensation

Physical Therapy

Plastic Surgeon



Property Management    


Real Estate – Commercial  

Sign & Banner   

Sporting Goods   

Supermarket Retail 

Wine & Liquor