Brien Lundin and Tyler Hatrel Address the Market and Gold Trends

GNOEA met via Zoom on Tuesday July 21 for organization updates and to discuss the precious metal trends with Brien Lundin, President of Jefferson Financial, Inc. and stock market trends with Tyler Hatrel, Certified Financial Advisor, Edward Jones.

Lundin explained during the Covid crisis the government and central banks leapt into action with historical policy responses with Quantitative Easing and trillions in stimulus spending.  This increased the national debt to more than $26.5 trillion, up $500 billion in just the last month.  He anticipates the growth in national debt will continue.  Gold, Silver and Precious Metals protect against the inevitable depreciation of the dollar; negative real rates are bullish for all markets including stocks.  In the 2008 financial crisis, investors bought gold in reaction to the monetary stimulus.  In sum, stay diversified.  Gold, silver and mining stocks should not replace your investment portfolio. Make sure you are well versed in this type of investing before you dive in.  To learn more about these investments, you can register for the Gold Newsletter, sign up for the virtual New Orleans Investment Conference October 14 – 17, 2020 or contact Brien Lundin directly.

Hatrel discussed the importance of keeping long term financial goals in perspective, especially in the midst of market volatility and turmoil in the news/media. Financial success over time is ultimately in your hands as an investor, focus on what you can control. Contributing regularly to a diversified portfolio of quality investments and monitoring/rebalancing the investments when necessary will give you the best chance of achieving the average return you need in order to reach your personal version of success in the long run.  Having a Certified Financial Planning Professional on your side throughout this process can not only help make sure your investments are always aligned to your goal, but also give you a resource to draw upon when your confidence is shaken or you have a complicated financial decision to make. For questions you can contact Tyler Hatrel.

Brien and Tyler are both willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have or put a second pair of eyes on your financial plan / investments. This initial consultation doesn’t cost you anything.

A recording of this presentation will be posted in the Member Section under Meeting Archives.

GNOEA Executive Director Search

Lola Lass, Adeeta Corporate Staffing is heading up the executive director search.  We anticipate having a new executive director in place by the end of the month.

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The Breakfast Meeting scheduled for 7/28 has been changed to a Virtual Meeting due to Covid Restrictions.

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