Cybersecurity Part One – Banking

John Zollinger, Senior Vice President and Director of Commercial Banking – Home Bank

This cybersecurity presentation, is part one of a two part session that provided  information on cybersecurity safety from a banking perspective. Zollinger reviewed four of the top items to protect your business keeping in mind that the first line of defense is to prevent fraud on the front end. He shared examples on implementing internal controls and ways to protect yourself from check and ACH fraud noting that Louisiana is among the top ten places with identity theft. He strongly encouraged working with the company’s CPA to design a program to help protect you from employees and from the outside.  Zollinger strongly encouraged purchasing Cybersecurity insurance for additional protection.

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Ed McCloskey, Estate Planning Attorney and Dennis Brady, Architect thanked Marcus Azzarello, Franklynn Pest Control for taking care of their insect problem.

Jesse Hoppes, Leaaf Environmental Services and Paul Cosma, Uptown Auto Specialist, thanked John Zollinger, Home Bank for his help with banking.

Kevin Pedeaux, CR Coffee Shops, commented on George Messina’s newest addition, The Batcher restaurant and bar in the French Quarter. Good food  and amazing venue.

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