Qualified Retirement Plans

 Joey Bender, APR – Partner Vice President – Retirement Strategies Group

Thanks to member George Messina for catering this week’s networking event at the Rooftop on Basin.

Bender provided an overview of retirement plans that may be beneficial for small and large businesses and their employees. He announced that a Bill under the Secure Act, was recently passed that changes the minimum distribution age to 72 versus 70 1/2. Click Here for details. Bender commented that many states are now requiring businesses to offer a retirement plan or forcing the business to join the state’s retirement plan, however, this has not yet been required by the state of Louisiana.  Bender described the differences between plan designs and types and encouraged companies to have a team approach by involving payroll and the company’s CPA before choosing the appropriate plan for the company and its employees.  Given the unknowns of Social Security income, some companies are auto enrolling employees in a 401K with the option to “opt out” if they do not want to participate in a retirement program.
For more information on his presentation view the slideshow in the archives.
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Catherine Shreves welcomed new member and presented a certificate to Trey Babin, New York Life.

If you have a prospect, please have them connect with Jacquie Bonano, membership chair at [email protected]

Thank You & Announcements

Joey Bender introduced guest Toni Superneau, Retirement Strategies Group.

Lola Lass, Adeeta Corporate Staffing, thanked Jesse Hoppes, Leaaf Environmental, for his business, Chad Perrier, UDI for his technical support and Kenny Knobloch at HELP! AC.

Paul Cosma, Uptown Auto Specialist, thanked Lonnie Smith, Guaranty Sheet Metal for roof work done. He commended the employees of Rudy Smith, Rudy Smith Towing Service, for their amazing service. He thanked Catherine Shreves, Image Video Solutions for allowing him to repair her truck.

Catherine Shreves, Image Video Solutions, thanked Paul Cosma, Uptown Auto Specialist, for repairing a truck.

Chad Perrier, Universal Data Inc., reminded all of their 40th anniversary party being held on October 22nd.

Lonnie Smith, Guaranty Sheet Metal thanked Rudy Smith, Rudy Smith Service.

David Raymond, Clean Fleet, thanked Bill Dalton, Firefly Marketing for his business.

Todd Clower, Harbor Towing & Fleeting, thanked Lonnie Smith, Guaranty Sheet Metal for replacing his roof.

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Members were polled for interest and the majority agreed to reschedule a social at Stumpy’s Hatchett House.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule

  • October 18th – Stephen Fessel, FBI Supervisory Special Agent
  • October 25th – Andy Kopplin, President & CEO Greater New Orleans Foundation
  • November 1st – Walt Leger, New Orleans & Co. – Tourism post pandemic
  • November 8th – Lt. Gov. Nungesser
  • November 15th – Dr. Tina Tinney, Chancellor, Nunez Community College and Board Meeting
  • November 22nd – Thanksgiving Week no meeting
  • November 29th – No Meeting
  • December 6th – TBA
  • December 15th – Christmas Party hosted by M/M Todd Clower

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