unCommon Construction

Aaron Frumin, Executive Director, unCommon Construction New Orleans

Frumin, Founder and Executive Director for unCommon Construction, shared information about his organization. The New Orleans based nonprofit partners with Orleans parish schools to recruit high school students and uses the build process to empower youth to lead the workforce after high school or college. Through the unCommom Construction apprenticeship program, high school students apply to join a diverse team to earn hourly pay and school credit while building a house in a semester. With revenue generated by the project, unCommon Construction matches apprentices’ paychecks with an Equity Award Scholarship, which they can use for further education, industry certifications or tools needed for a full time job.

Students learn how to build relationships and trust by building together. To learn more and get involved, visit www.unCommonConstruction.org and follow on social media @uCCNOLA.

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More about our speaker: Aaron Frumin Bio – 050322


If you have a prospect, please have them connect with Jacquie Bonano (interim membership chairman) at [email protected]

Thank You & Announcements

Kevin Pedeaux announced that member Al Bourgeois, Al Bourgeois Plumbing has resigned citing staff shortages. A vacancy for the category of plumbing is now open.

Troy Patterson, Oak Family Dental, commented that as a member of GNOEA, he has built relationships over the years and considers the value of being a member, priceless.

Kenny Knobloch, Help Services A/C & Heating, thanked Catherine Shreves, Image Video Solutions,  John Lagarde, Classic Cupboards, Stanton Murray, Murray Yacht Sales and

Robert Ramsey, Ramsey Jewelers for their business.

. He asked GNOEA members to identify themselves when calling for service in order to get “bumped up” for service appointment.

Jim Perrier, Data Solutions, recently signed on with Angela Verdin, of Complete Logistical Services.

Catherine Shreves, Image Video Solutions, thanked Marcus Azzarello, Franklynn Pest Control, for his help with termite damage. She also thanked Kenny Knobloch, Help A/C for his service.

Julie Couret, 7602 Coach, thanked Bill Dalton, Firefly Marketing Solutions for his trust in her to work with his COO.

Brien Lundin, Jefferson Financial, Inc., thanked Troy Patterson, Oak Family Dental, for dental work.

Jacquie Bonano, introduced guest and membership applicant, Brad Schaus, Exeter Architectural Products. Located in New Orleans since the 90’s, Exeter is a manufacturer of security and storm solutions for commercial and government buildings. They are now offering residential solutions in addition to commercial buildings. This was Brad’s second meeting.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule

  • May 10th – Kevin Dolliole, Director of Aviation- Armstrong Airport (Rooftop on Basin)
  • May 12th – Crawfish boil at Southern Yacht Club
  • May 24th – Jenifer Avegno, New Orleans Health Director and COVID Czar(Rooftop on Basin)

Check website for updates and bulletins that include upcoming events. Meeting events are on the calendar.