Blue Cross Blue Shield

Presented by Michael Bertaut, Economist, MBA, CHC, PAHM

Thanks to member George Messina for catering this week’s networking event at Rooftop on Basin.

Michael Bertaut (BURR-toe) is a Certified Health Consultant and Professional of the Academy of Healthcare Management.  He has nearly 40 years of analytical experience in the Healthcare,
Telecom, and Retail Industry Sectors. Mike is a financial modeler and forecaster, currently responsible for predicting membership activity for over 1.9 million Louisianans who carry some form of Blue Cross Card.

Michael spoke about how medical insurance has become very inflated over the last 10 years and that copays and deductibles have greatly increased with health insurance plans. Which in turn is pushing people into high medical debt. Louisiana has a 38% of the population that is on Medicaid. Medicaid does not pay a provider 100% of an insurance claim where a private insurance plan will. This has pushed private dr’s/surgeon’s to stop accepting Medicaid. Michael stated that individual insurance policies are the cheapest they have ever been. Washington ( is covering about 90% of all those policies.


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John Zollinger, Home Bank, thanked Jesse Hoppes with Leaaf  Environmental LLC for coming out to the brewery for the cochon de lis and David Raymond, Clean Fleet Auto Body, for fixing his car

Guest of John Lagarde, Classic Cupboards – Charles Carriere, Carriere Consulting (3rd visit)

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